H-STAR Executive Committee

[Picture of Roy<br />
	Pea] Roy Pea
(Professor of Education)
Director & Director of SCIL
  [Picture<br />
	of Byron Reeves] Byron Reeves*
(Professor of Communication)
Director Emeritus
[Picture of Keith Devlin] Keith Devlin
(Senior Researcher, H-STAR)
Executive Director
  [Picture of<br />
	Lilian Kamal] Lilian Kamal
H-STAR Associate Director

* On September 1, 2010, Byron Reeves, Paul C. Edwards Professor in Stanford's Department of Communication, stepped down from his role as Faculty Co-Director of H-STAR and its industrial affiliate program, mediaX, to return full-time to research, writing and teaching. Byron was co-founder of both H-STAR (2005) and mediaX (2002). His leadership and contributions to these efforts have been enormously appreciated by all involved. Fortunately, he will continue contributing to scholarship in the areas of media and psychology in his ongoing H-STAR research projects and mediaX activities. In particular, he is applying multi-player game technology to behavior change in his leadership of a new Stanford interdisciplinary DARPA-energy grant on "Large-scale Energy Reductions through Sensors, Feedback, & Information Technology." His most recent book, with J. Leighton Read, which develops such themes, is "Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete," published by Harvard Business School in 2009.