2016-17 Visitors

Takeaki Yoda, News Dept., Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Tokyo, Japan.
Jan 3–Feb 28, 2017. Working with Jay Hamilton, Communication Dept
I focus on multimedia storytelling in the Digital age. Broadcasters need to be adapt to market change. I am seeking a suitable mode of storytelling for Digital media  (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Data driven, collaboration with User Generated Contents). Since each member of our audience reads, watches, or listens to different media, we need to understand how best to covey our message in an effective manner. I am investigating audience needs for news in digital media.
   Since legacy media had developed ethical standards such as accuracy and fairness, we can build on them to develop analogues in the Digital world, where there is collaboration with the audience.chniques that will help me do that.

Sabine Remdisch, Institute for Performance Management, Leuphana Univ of Lüneburg, Germany.
February 5--March 31, 2017. Hosted by Prof. Larry Leifer, CDR.
Digitalization is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. Becoming a digital organization calls for building new leadership skills to envision and drive change. The LeadershipGarage research program analyzes the roles and key competencies of digital leaders, asking the questions: How well are leaders prepared for their changing tasks in the digital world? How can leaders succeed in the digitally networked world? How can a collaborative working culture be developed and maintained? The LeadershipGarage seeks theoretical understanding as well as effective tools and practices for leadership success.


Susumu Uchida, News Dept., Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Tokyo, Japan.
Jan 30–Mar 30, 2017. Working with Jay Hamilton, Communication Dept.
My interest as a journalist is how my profession best function in the digital era. The broadcasting industry has been losing influence, and in order to fulfil its mission must find new ways to reach individuals, including digital natives. My focus at H-STAR is how to apply new technologies to journalism. I will also examine the role of “community managers” who cultivate networks of viewers and readers. In addition, as a program director specializing in education and technology, I will look at ways trends in educational technology will change the education landscape.

Naoki Hosoda, Program Production Dept., Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Tokyo, Japan.
Feb 1 – Mar 31, 2017. Working with Jay Hamilton, Communication Dept.
I am studying two themes while at H-STAR. First, I am looking at ways to share the production of the content of my TV programs with viewers—sharing both the film and background information with the viewers, and discussing the direction of the news gathering and the story behind the program. To that end, it is necessary not only to enrich the software but also to overcome technical challenges and copyright issues. Second, I examine ways of collaborating within the media industry, considering issues of team management and leadership that lead to innovation.