Researcher writing down on a notepad with a computer scrren on the leftThe problems that H-STAR focuses on are in general too broad to be solved by a single individual or even within a single discipline. They require an interdisciplinary approach. It is usually not possible to determine in advance which disciplines can best contribute. Accordingly, H-STAR is not based on a traditional membership model. All Stanford faculty are potentially H-STAR researchers. To date, over 80 Stanford researchers from all five schools have carried out H-STAR supported research, participated in an H-STAR research planning retreat, or hosted a visiting H-STAR researcher from another university. Current affiliated Stanford researchers are all listed below. (In addition, some 90 Stanford faculty have received over $3.5M in research support through H-STAR's mediaX Industry Partners Program.)

Russ Altman, Genetics, Bioengineering and Medicine
Gary Antonick, Independent learning consultant, New York Times mathematics columnist
Jeremy Bailenson, Communication
Banny Bannerjee, H-STAR
Brigid Barron, Education
Paolo Blikstein, Education
Jo Boaler, Education
Chris Chafe, Music
Larry Chu, Medicine
Karen Cook, Sociology
Linda Darling-Hammond, Education
Rhiju Das, Biochemistry
Keith Devlin, H-STAR
Persi Diaconis, Statistics
Martin Fischer, Civil & Environmental Engineering (no longer at Stanford)
James Fishkin, Communication
June Flora, H-STAR
B. J. Fogg, H-STAR
Renate Fruchter, Engineering
Michael Genesereth, Computer Science
Shelley Goldman, Education
Kenji Hakuta, Education
Jay Hamilton, Communication
Ward Hanson, Graduate Business
Jeffrey Heer, Computer Science
Pamela Hinds, Management Science and Engineering
Dan Jurafsky, Linguistics
Peter Kao, School of Medicine
Monica Lam, Computer Science
Kincho Law, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Larry Leifer, Engineering
Tanya Lurhmann, Anthropology
Andrea Lunsford, English
Chris Manning, Linguistics & Computer Science
Andrew Ng, Computer Science
Roy Pea, Education
Marina Ranga, H-STAR
Byron Reeves, Communication
Homero Rivas, Medicine
Martha Russell, H-STAR/mediaX
Barbara van Schewick, Law
Dan Schwartz, Education
Michael Shanks, Classics
Sheri Sheppard, Engineering
Fred Turner, Communication
Guadalupe Valdes, Education
Roland Vogl, Law School
Anthony Wagner, Psychology
Brian Wandell, Psychology
Christian Wheeler, Graduate Business
John Willinsky, Education
Sam Wineburg, Education
Terry Winograd, Computer Science

List last updated January 21, 2015.