Undergraduate Education

One undergraduate student looking ata computer tablet with a stylus in his handAs an interdisciplinary research center, H-STAR is not directly involved in undergraduate education. Intellectually, however, the interests of H-STAR are totally reflected in Stanford's Symbolic Systems Program, an interdisciplinary degree program administered in the School of Humanities and Sciences.

The declared goal of the Symbolic Systems Program (SSP) is to provide students with the vocabulary, theoretical background, and technical skills needed to understand and participate in contemporary interdisciplinary research about language, information, and intelligence — both human and machine — and to follow rewarding careers in the technology and information sciences fields.

The SSP curriculum combines traditional humanistic investigative approaches with contemporary developments in the science and technology of computation.

The SSP has consistently attracted some of the brightest students at Stanford. Typically over 30 students graduate from the program each year, and many of them go on to pursue successful careers in technology.