Zhen Xu

Research and Educator, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nov 1, 2018–Oct 31, 2019. Hosted by Jonathan Osborne, School of Education

STEM and Design Thinking education are becoming increasingly important in schools across the world. In the last few years, my goal as a Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) researcher and educator has been evaluating and successfully adapting NGSS, PISA, TIMSS and SNAP standards to STEM education in China. That led me to participate in Dr. Jonathan Osborne’s Science Education Research Group under Stanford H-STAR. Through our research, I gained deep insights in and first-hand experiences with best practices across top universities, hi-tech companies, national libraries and museums on various subjects regarding STEM education and Design Thinking. I’m passionately looking forward to empowering our students with these knowledge and skills, and creating our next generation of inventors and innovators.