Improving and Assessing Learners’ Preparation for Future Learning in Science

This project is the third phase of a body of work sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. In the first two phases, we developed and validated several new game-based assessments that measure whether and how students choose to learn. The work is based on the assumption that an important measure of the success of a learning experience is not only how well it improves current knowledge, but also how well it prepares students to continue learning in the future. In this third phase, we built on this work, developing and testing additional game-based assessments with our informal learning partners. We also introduced a second technology, called Teachable Agents, which furthers the goal of improving and assessing learners’ preparation for future learning, with a specific focus on scientific methods of reasoning.

Primary Investigator: Daniel Schwartz (Stanford Graduate School of Education)
Sponsored by: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Dates: 07/14/15 – 07/13/18