Large-Scale Energy Reductions through Sensors, Feedback, and Information Technology

This initiative combined billion dollar sensor investments (e.g., smart meters & HAN) with behavioral research to reduce energy use quickly, easily, inexpensively, and at scale. Technologies have traditionally failed to reach energy-saving potential because they ignore behavior.

  • Established a software platform for future behavioral research to transform energy program development and evaluation.
  • Created energy behavior programs (media, policy, & community) unparalleled in scope and power.
  • Improved prescriptive engineering and economic models by considering behavior.
  • Created an open and extensible HAN communications protocol to support research and innovation.


Primary Investigators: James Sweeney (Management Science and Engineering) and Byron Reeves (Department of Communication)
Sponsored by: US Department of Energy
Dates: 01/14/10 – 11/30/16