Annette Zou

System Designer

Annette Zou is a system designer and strategist with a particular interest and expertise in the use of game inspired design techniques to create coherent systems and engaging experiences. She works closely with the ChangeLabs Director to advance Systems Transformation approaches, carry out business development activities, and drive the business strategy and future direction. In addition to managing projects, facilitating workshops, Annette also lectures at the Stanford in systems transformation.

Annette has a background in innovation and human centered design, game design, and cultural studies. She has extensive experience bringing innovation methodologies into the public sector and has designed service delivery improvement strategies for federal government departments in the areas such as healthcare, national security, taxation, transportation, and digital transformation.

Annetteā€™s particular interest in game design led to building gamification and game inspired systems in business contexts. She is working to expand this field of work for broader application in system design.