Martha G. Russell

Executive Director mediaX

Martha G. Russell is Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar with the Human Sciences Technology Advanced Research Institute at Stanford. Dr. Russell leads business alliances and interdisciplinary research for mediaX at Stanford University. With people and technology as the intersecting vectors. Russell’s background spans a range of business development, innovation and technology-transfer initiatives in information sciences, agriculture, communications, and microelectronics – for businesses, universities and regional development organizations.

Dr. Russell’s research goals build on the successful completion of the 10-year Internet2 research RoadMap for the social sciences’ use of IPv6 protocols, established at the Internet2 Sociotechnical Summit, led by Dr. Russell through the University of Texas at Austin. Her scientific objectives are grounded in her passion for identifying research questions that extend the foundations of knowledge, enable interdisciplinary research teams, and provide insights that help solve societal problems.

Dr. Russell’s multi-stakeholder programs are informed by her background in a relational approach to social psychology, organizational engineering and marketing, as well as her extensive work in technology-based regional development for State, Federal and International organizations. Always eager to stretch the horizons of science and technology, she had established multi-stakeholder initiatives in nutrition, special education, afterschool programs, community building, biotechnology, agriculture, microelectronics, information sciences, manufacturing technologies, and communications.

Dr. Russell has a doctoral degree in Policy Analysis focused on Technology Transfer from the University of Minnesota, and a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She serves on the advisory boards of the Journal of Technology Forecasting and Social Change and the Journal of Enterprise Transformation; she has founded and now advises several startup companies.

With a focus on the power of shared vision, the Innovation Ecosystems Network, co-founded by Dr. Russell, takes a data-driven approach to visualizing relationships through which interventions for innovation can be effectively evaluated for smart decisions about shared futures.